Show item serial numbers on sales invoice


I require the serial numbers for the items in the sales invoice, if can you can adopt that in the sales invoice it will be great.


Do you mean you need to show customers serial number on printed invoice? Why not put serial number into description field then?


I agree with that, but the problem here is the tendency to get typographical errors while typing, since the concentration will be more on description and unit values.

Also is there any chance of including units or UOM (Units of Measurement) into the Invoice template where as we are typing this in description field.


In future, it will be possible to activate Unit of Measurement module under Settings and then use it on quotes, invoices, orders etc. For now, UOM need to be entered into description field.


I’m assuming that you’ve added both of the features mentioned above by @damanjunath.

But, I can’t find any way to access them. Can you please help me out here?