Show base currency of foreign currency received

Hi all, anyone who can share a short code that I can add to my custom themes to show the base currency of received payments in foreign currency?

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This seems to me something that everybody would need which means it should be built-in.

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Added to the latest version (22.10.22).

Sales and purchase invoice “mini-statement” will show amounts in both currencies now. For example, here I’m receiving $250 against invoice in GBP. Both amounts are shown.



Hi @lubos, thank you very much for this update. However, is possible that you also add this feature in the receipt/payment itself?

I am doing it like this at the moment but i hope we could make it as a built-in feature.

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I don’t think so. The bank or cash account is related to a single currency. All actual financial transactions such as payments and receipts are only in the currency of the account.

I understand what you meant here. But during the creation of the receipt/payment, if the amount is in Foreign currency, we are given the field to input it’s base currency equivalent. What I am asking right now is to make it a built-in that the base currency equivalent be shown also, rather that me getting to type it in the description.

Understood, and that’s what is shown on the TOTAL column. I am not asking it to be changed in base currency, but rather add a notation perhaps that would show the amount we input as its Base Currency.

I agree with @eko. Adding information about base currency would be confusing, as it would have exactly nothing to do with the transaction. This is a very different situation from entering an equivalent amount for posting against a foreign currency payable or receivable.

I’d like to remind that at the beginning, my intention was only to ask a short code to add into my custom themes so that i could show the base currency amount of a foreign currency at payment/receipt date prevailing exchange rate. However, Lubos had a much better idea.

Now going back to the discussion, I disagree that it would be confusing. The reason why i asked this at the beginning is we have some clients who choses to pay in foreign currency (USD). Our invoices are expressed in base currency (AED). Client pays to our USD bank account. For so many times now, example they sent 1,000USD thinking this is the equivalent of 3,672.5AED. Now what happens is we receive 1,000USD however, the correct exchange rate was 3,500AED. Thus the requirement to emphasize the base currency at the time of receipt.

Therefore, if anyone could share a snippet of their code just to show this Base currency Amount, much appreciated. :saluting_face:

Sorry @ibadlon but you are repeating yourself but the answers have been provided and in reality this topic can be closed.