Show account's "lineage" when autocompleting account lists in cash rec

When reconciling cash transactions, and the transaction is being applied to an account. Some of our accounts have the same name. For instance, we operate 2 cars(not as part of any fleet or fuel card system), and separate their fuel consumption according to each vehicle.

This is how their structure is:

  • Expenses
    • Vehicles (Category)
      • Corolla (Category)
        • Fuel (Account)
      • Forester (Category)
        • Fuel (Account)

The Forester, being larger, uses more fuel than the Corolla, and we’re interested in understanding the differences in running costs between these vehicles.

When fuel is purchased and we are applying the fuel purchases to the appropriate car’s account, as we type “Fuel” into the account, autocomplete works, but gives no context about which parent category the account pertains to. It simply displays a list several instances of Fuel. At this stage, we will need to rename these child accounts to make them unique, but this will add clutter to the reports.

Can the accounts be shown with their parent categories instead?

Here’s an example to help convey this request.

Existing Autocomplete Display


Proposed Autocomplete Display

Expenses - Vehicles - Corolla - Fuel
Expenses - Vehicles - Forester - Fuel

Can’t see that level of autocomplete occurring any time soon so it is suggested you use instead:
C-Fuel and F-Fuel or Fuel-C and Fuel-F