Organizing sub-accounts

When I added Sub Accounts on the summary page and chart of accounts to break up my income assets and expenses into different categories, it has had an unintended effect.

For example under expenses I will have

Category Client Expenditure and Company Expenditure

Under Client Expenditure I will have Backup Expenses, Broadband Expenses, Client Repair Expenses and under Company expenditure I will have Accounting Fees, Advertising and Promotion, Bank Charges etc.

Now when I go to a sales invoice or purchase invoice and select from the drop down it will list all the expense accounts under Client Expenditure in alphabetical order, then all the expense accounts under Company Expenditure and so on. Would it be possible to tell the drop downs in the quotes/orders/invoices forms to ignore the sub account categories and just simply list all accounts in alphabetical order?

Also would it be possible to have sales of inventory and inventory on hand at the top of the relevant menus depending on whether its a purchase or sale type form. If you are using the inventory tab, this is the most commonly used account and it would be ideal to have it at the top of the menus.

But this feature request can wait as its more important to sort out the issues with inventory write-offs as mentioned in my other topic and the issue with needing to put in 1 in quantity for inventory to increase/decrease as well as the UK VAT Return Rounding issue. But just thought that I would raise the issue as on the roadmap you have custom control accounts listed as number two and this feature request will probably impact on that!

But then, @dalacor, wouldn’t you have some doubles? For example, if you have a Postage category under Client Expenditure and another Postage cateogry under Company Expenditure, then if you do what you suggested, wouldn’t you see both Postage and Postage in your drop-down list?

In future, inventory items will be shown under Items column. And account will be selected automatically. So no need to move inventory accounts to the top.

Then you would have problem if you typed postage in the search field at the top as you would not know which postage was which. it would be a bad idea to have two accounts with the same name as mistakes by the user will no doubt occur.

Ok thank you.

I’ve just been naming the acct to avoid confusion (eg “Postage - Client” and “Postage - In-House”) or something like that.

I rest my case :slight_smile: