Settings icons do not show for sub/restricted users after update


I have update to server vesion After update, I notice that all icons from the settings tab have disappeared for my subusers or restricted users and the screen is blank. I tried adding the icons back but still it does not update.

Not sure what you mean by “sub users”. Please also explain which operating system you are using.

I am using microsoft windows 10. I am refering to the user groups. I am the administrator.

The Desktop edition only has one user.

I am using server edition.

I can confirm this behavior on Cloud Edition as well.

@dlxprint your messages are confusing. You started saying the following indicating Desktop version

… and now this changed to Server Edition

I can confirm that in Server Edition v22.8.22.314 Ubuntu TLS20.04 non admin users can not even select a business after login (these are users with very restricted authoritizatiojn mainly generating sales invoices all other access restricted).

Hi, i can also confirm that no other user can access any feature under settings, except administrator. i use cloud edition

I agree. After I setup a user I assigned permissions then I impersonate the user and navigated to the Settings. The settings area is blank there is no icons

Fixed in the latest version (22.8.22)

Thank you. I have updated to newer version the settings options are bow appearing.