User Permissions for settings bugs

Just checking out the new User Permissions and noticed that the restrictions does not work for “Business Logo”. You can Add and Delete the logo with just View access.

In Addition, if you can view the Chart of accounts you can re-arrange them. If you click on the double headed arrows the list is accessible and you can move them around and click update.

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Thanks. Fixed in the latest version (21.2.21).

Thanks, All good in 21.2.21.
It does seem a bit strange to see the Delete button with the logo when the user has View, Create access only; For Update it makes sense as it’s the only way to update the current logo. The important thing is that view access is just that so that’s good.

in 21.3.81 Bank Accounts in User permissions settings appear like:

Also, trying to update the settings brings up this dialogue box


@Abeiku, I bypassed v21.3.81, but I cannot reproduce this in v21.3.82 (cloud edition).

both problems persist in 21.3.82

Here is what I see:

What do the bank account definitions look like? And what happens if you click the X beside one of the GUIDs?

I also saw from your last screen shot that you were in Spanish, so I tested to see whether language preference makes a difference. It does not.

Fixed in the latest version (21.3.83)