Setting up Expense claim payers - nothing in Settings Tab

I’ve been trying to follow the instructions in the guides to setup payers for expense claims. It says to go to the setting tab and click on “Expense Claim Payers”, but there is no such link to click on in my settings page. I have enabled Expense Claims in my General Settings, yet there is no way to add payers on the main Settings page. I am using version 14.1.8.
Any suggestions?

Version 14.1 is really old. You should upgrade to 14.11.

When you upgrade, see how to enable Expense claim payers under Settings tab. Make sure to upgrade first though.


Hello, I am on 14.12.59 and I also do not the option for Expense Claim Payers. I looked in both the Web and Desktop clients but there is no entry for ‘Expense Claim Payers.’

I also added employees, but they are not visible as a payer either.

Any suggestions?

As an enhancement, it would be nice to be able to add a new Payer or Customer when creating the transaction record, instead of having to go to a different screen after finding out that the Payer or Customer is not already in the system.

You need to go to Settings tab and enable Expense Claim Payers.

See how to enable more options under Settings tab: