Set-up Help from Philippines

Just downloaded and need help with the set-up.

What are the basics that I need to do? I want to transfer my 2019 records to is that possible without manually entering everything?

If not doable, its okay. Just need to know what stuff to set-up and how to do it. I’m from the Philippines btw.

Thank yoouuuuuu

That depend what you are intending to use Manager to do and what outputs you want from Manager ie your business goals and essential requirements. I suggest starting by setting a dummy business, loading the Philippines localisation & experimenting with account structures, data entry and reporting options. You will also need to read several of the guides and enable tabs ( Customize a business ) only as required.

It is possible but beyond the abilities of many users, see How to batch import in manager
instead most keep their old records and use Manager going forward by using

If your requirements are relatively simple importing the bank statements from the last 1-2 yrs may achieve what you want.