Set Custom Theme from From Defaults

Hi all,

How can I set default Custom Theme in Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Credit Note and Debit Note from From Defaults? It seems no options there. Thanks a lot.



Read the Guide: Notice the Note in the middle section. Also, search the forum before posting new questions. This one has been answered about a dozen times.

Hi Tut,

Yes. I have read the guides before I asked it. However, only these four items have no option (the above figures are capture from “Form Defaults”), other items such as Purchase Order, Sales Order have this option (as shown below). How can I solve it? Thank you.

Updated: Write-off in “Form Defaults” also have no option

This two figures also capture from “Form Defaults”

You didn’t read the Note in the Guide, which explains exactly what you are asking about, and which I specifically called your attention to.

You are correct that the Inventory Write-off form default does not allow selection of a custom theme. I will bring that to the developer’s attention.