Non-supplier invoices

Hi everybody.

Let me begin by stating that I am not an accountant or a bookkeeper, and I had never had even a single lesson in accounting or any related subject. I have started, very recently, using Manager to have a rough idea of how a certain restaurant is performing monthly, and I am learning it bit by bit, and with a lot of editing! :slight_smile:

My question is this: Where, and how, do I post invoices that are not related with any supplier, for example from our real accountants, or lawyers, or others that provide different services to the restaurant. I did search, in both the guide and the forum, before posting the question, but i am afraid that my ignorance is so great that I cannot even seek the answer at the correct place.

Thanks a lot!

Accountants and lawyers are suppliers to, they just supply services instead of goods.

If you are looking to separate them somehow and have a structure build around that have a look at Add custom control accounts | Manager

Thanks a lot! I will try to create a separate control account under “Suppliers”. Perhaps name it “Services” or something like that. Will see how it goes! :slight_smile:

I think you are on the wrong track, @Christos_Apostolides. Services might be an income or expense account, but not a type of supplier.

I think @novica was pointing out that you can use custom control accounts to separate suppliers into different categories. But the effect of doing that is to make the payables to each category show up in different liability accounts. So instead of a purchase invoice from a lawyer showing up in the default Accounts payable account along with payables to butchers and produce suppliers, they might show up in an account like Service payables. In other words, the custom control account is not something that is somehow categorized under Suppliers, but a different liability account to which payables of some suppliers will be posted. The question for you to answer is “Does that matter to me?” It probably will not, because each supplier will already be separately visible when drilling down on the Accounts payable account.

A good chart of accounts will separate expenses into accounts according to what they represent. So you might have expense accounts to which you post your purchases of food supplies, and separate ones for purchases of tableware and payment of wages. Then you might add expense accounts for legal and accounting services. This categorization is usually much more important than having separate liability accounts for payables. See these Guides:

Thanks, Tut.
I have realized I was on the wrong truck as soon as I posted an invoice on the new control account that I created! As you said the invoice was not placed under “Accounts payable” but, if I remember correctly, ended in “Suspence account”. I deleted immediately all the relative transactions, and the control account as well.

I will, for the time being at least, treat everybody as a normal supplier. It’s sufficient for my purpose and my level of knowledge! :slight_smile:

Thanks you all for your help!