Server License Agreement


I wanted to check if what we wanted to do is covered under a single server license. We are developing a Property management software. Each Property Owner has their unique SQL database. We would like to do the same for the accounting module. Can I create separate accounting database and profiles, GL code etc… for each Property Owner and their property? Is it possible to link this databases into consolidate accounting database?


Each “business” has its different database. You cannot consolidate it in one database. You cannot link your property database to Manager’s database since it cryptographied.

Yes you can create separate accounting database for each Property Owner and their property.
However, currently there isn’t any consolidation of those accounting database but read this topic.

Thank you you misunderstood I am not actually linking the to two databases together. I may past data via your api to the manager database. One question was can I do it under one server license and it sounds like I can. Right?