(Server edition) How to restore 19.7.48

I was made a fool mistake before updating my Ubuntu VPS for Manager server edition.

I havent read about mono changed with dotnet, etc in 20.XX edition. How to restore using 19.7.48. Any help would be appreciated.

Note : Now my Manager server edition can not be access from web browser.

Your issue is not clear.

First, unless you downloaded software from an unauthorized site, you would not have downloaded any 20.XX version. The current version is 21.3.80.

Second, what does Mono have to do with anything? Manager no longer relies on Mono.

Third, did you follow installation instructions here: Ubuntu | Manager?

Yes, the current version is 21.3.80 correct. (Server edition)

I use this application since 2014, installed on Ubuntu 14.X VPS. Upgraded several times in the past years. But after 2019, I never have touch the server again.

Since today i want to upgrade Manager version on my VPS. Following on installation page as ussual (copy paste the instruction), and the manager app can not be access from web browser. After read the forum, there is “caddy and other stuff”. Oh its out of my league… so i want to roll back to 19.7.48 version.

I dont read any words mention about changes in installation page. Maybe product creator could add some information for old customer like me. (just be cautios for mistakes). Good app anyway for years, its help me to run my business.

Presumably you have backups of your server - software and data - and so could roll back that way.

Cloud version is probably a better option if you do not have expertise to manage server application, infrastructure and security issues

VPS only have 3 days old backup… haha. I believe the database will be sit tight, and wont go anywhere.

Ok, nevermind i must try to make it work with Manager new version anyway. This is Linux, how hard it can be isnt it? Just needs to be refreshed brain for a moment for learning a new stuff.

Cloud is not an answer, if some of reguler customer who took “server edition” like me still have condition like this… so cloud should be the same. Just different individual who manage the problem and how long the problem solved.

IMHO : If there is no support, better to stop selling server edition. Just serve desktop and cloud edition instead.

The server edition come with explicit warning about needing technical expertise.

What do you mean only 3 days backup?

You should have a backup strategy covering all server applications with regular monthly,at least, backups of program and daily data backups.

Explicit warning without any information of changes its like a heaven on earth.
Anyway… thanks Joe91 for given the advice that should be done before.

I know it’s too late for you, but if someone else reads this and follows the advice, at least it has done some good.

The only time most users start doing backups properly is AFTER a disk drive crash or malfunction so you are not alone

Yup, good point. So your answer on this one i will marked as solution haha