Ubuntu Server update breaks after 20.9.63

Updating server from 20.8.94 to the latest version (20.9.71) breaks manager, highest it can upgrade to is 20.9.63.

Let me know if there’s major changes from 20.9.63 to 20.9.66 (the next version that starts breaking manager).


What exactly do you mean by “breaks Manager.” And how do you know the highest version you can upgrade to is v20.9.63? Also, what does v20.9.66 have to do with this problem?

Breaks Manager = Manger service failed to start on ubuntu. I upgraded to the latest first 20.9.71 (check github) and break manager…so I downgraded version by version which fails until v20.9.63…v20.9.66 is the first version after v20.9.63 i therefore assume that there must have been a major change…I then checked the guide on ubuntu installation, it also has changed…that is why i mentioned that it would be the case?

I read somewhere that Manager has moved from using .net framework to .net core. this is probably why it is breaking on your distro. This change is from 20.9.66

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Thanks for the hint @dalacor - much appreciated - I also just found the quote from lubos below - now it makes sense…

Server edition on Linux is no longer to be launched with mono command but you can simply launch it directly ./ManagerServer.

I’m also experimenting with distributing server edition in AppImage format. This means, it takes only 3 very simple lines to “install” and launch ManagerServer on Linux.

wget https://github.com/Manager-io/Manager.AppImage/releases/latest/download/ManagerServer-x64.AppImage
chmod a+x ManagerServer-x64.AppImage
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Thanks @lubos