Server Edition Backup File

When I create a backup file for Manager server edition after I wrote a script from previous posts but the file name has appeared in a strange and too long name with marks and doesn’t include the dates, so what is the solution for this? I need the backup file name to include proper name and the backup date for Manager Server Edition. Thanks

You are obviously not backing up correctly

If you use the backup procedure available in Manager then the backup has the same name as the business and has the date of the backup included

Please read the guide Backup, restore and transfer businesses

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I was looking for a solution for the server edition, as this happened after I wrote the script but the file name was corrupted

What script? there is no script in Manager

If you are trying to backup the Manager data files using a procedure outside of Manager, then no one here nor nothing in the Guides will help

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Sorry, I should have said “can help” not “will help”

We would like to help but it is technically more or less not possible

Assuming you wrote a script to backup the folder used by Manager to store it’s internal data, the file names were not corrupted, they are just different to what you expected.

Manager uses a unique identifier for each Manager business which is not normally visible to the user. The “Business name” is just another data element in the data file, displayed at the top of the screen, on some reports and used as part of the default file name when creating a backup from within Manager.

I assume Manager uses the 00000000000000.manager business to store the overall preferences and businesses displayed at the top level. “Deleting” a business removes this link rather than deletes the actual data file.

You are correct. “Removing” a business takes it out of the 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager index file. The application data file for that business remains in place unless you actively intervene in the application data folder.

This is why, if you remove a data file without removing the business within the program, the program will recreate an empty data file for the business. It expects to see a data file for a business of that name; if it doesn’t find one, it creates a new one.

This is the script i am referring to in this link " Automatic backups script for Windows "

So is there any solution to fix the file name and make it includes the date of backup?

no worries :slight_smile:

As you are using the server edition of Manager,it is assumed that you have the technical expertise yourself or available via other staff or contractors to manage the installation.

If you use the built-in backup facility in Manager the backup is always labeled with the name of the business and the date.

If you insist on using a Windows script then it is up to you to identify which file needs to be backed up. This guide Manage application data folder contents has general information about the file structures used by Manager. Be aware that updates to the software can cause a new datafile to be created with a different name

This forum addresses problems encountered in using Manager and not technical questions on installation, backup and restore other than those features available in Manager

As always, if you do not have the expertise to hand, the general advice is that the Cloud version may be more suitable

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