Sending Bank debit file

In the Netherlands just as well in other countries it is possible to send a file to the bank for debiting the invoices. That file is in a xml format. Is there anyone in this community who has done some work to build that file from within Manager.? Of course the Business info must be updated with the banks contract info and some other info at the customer level. Regards TV

I presume you are referring to records of receipts from customers. Such a transaction would actually credit Accounts receivable for a particular customer and invoice. It would debit the bank account, not the invoice.

But, can you explain further? Why would you be sending transaction records to the bank? The bank does not care what a deposit is for. And the bank already has a record of any deposits made. The bank sends that to you as a statement (hard copy or electronic).

@Tut I think @VoeTo01 is asking about sending the bank bulk payment instructions to pay multiple creditors or payroll. The customer aspect is possibly the business as a bank customer. I am not aware of anyone creating such a file in xml format within Manager.

Yes, that would make sense, @tony. If feasible—and I know of no approach—the file sent to the bank would correspond to multiple payments being entered in Manager.

Thank you guys for replying.
It is not regarding paying creditors but getting paid by customers automatically.
It is possible to have a contract with the bank to collect payments if the customer agree to accept that.
So making sales invoices for such a customer gives the possiibility to send a file (xml) to the bank and the bank collects the money and debits my accont automatically. It has nothing to do with reading banktransactions fo reconciling the invoices. This method is called automatic SEPA incasso’s. Many accountig packages do support that function. Regards TV

Manager has no such capability. Such a list of instructions to the bank would not be accounting transactions, so there is no home for it within the program’s structure. The closest thing you could get, I believe, would be to export a Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report, or a suitably filtered list from the Sales Invoices tab to a spreadsheet. But you undoubtedly would still need to add bank account numbers or other identifiers that do not show on those reports. You could certainly build a spreadsheet with a lookup table for the necessary information on customers who have agreed to this. Paste in the exported transaction information and have the spreadsheet generate your instruction file to the bank. You would only have to modify the spreadsheet template when a new customer agreed to these automated withdrawals.

Adding custom fields to Manager, searching on sales invoices tagged “For direct debit payment”, then exporting that would be another approach which may minimize eternal database manipulation required. The difficulty would depend on your banks formating requirements / options. If a csv file option existed, external processing maybe trivial.

Many electronic data transfer protocols are moving towards xml, so maybe there will be the target market to support this in the future readily from within Manager but I’m not aware of any current support other than handcrafting the file as done in these export to csv localisations

For an overview on how difficult localisations are to write see Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide however your application would probably need to enhancements Lubos mentioned.

@patch Thank you for joining.
My main purpose was to ask the manager community if anyone has been working on this.
I know that the standard manager software lacks info on the business info and also on the customer r and supplier record for this function. I am now working on it and see if i can do something with custom fields but of course this not suitable as a general purpose solution.

If you achieve a workable solution, you can make it generally available by sharing instructions on the forum, or using Managers localisation functionality. Hopefully you will be able to find a workable solution. If you could also share it, that would be excellent.