Create Bank file for Supplier payments and Wages

I can’t find how to create a bank file for paying suppliers and staff.

It would be great if we can just create a file in Manager, export it, then import the file into our banking software. Most accounting programs export to an ABA file. But I could not find an option to even key in bank details. Perhaps I don’t have something turned on?

Manager doesn’t support export to ABA. Do you have any sample file which can be used as a reference guide to implement this feature?

Thank you for the quick response, I hope this helps.

And another link.

It looks complex, but here is a sample file.

0067-102 12341234 01CBA Smith John Allan 301500ABA Test 0704131530
1062-692 43214321 500000000001Smith Joan Emma ABA Test CR 067-102 12341234Mr John Smith 00000000
7999-999 000000000100000000010000000000 000001

Once again thank you for taking the time to reply and hopefully add this feature.

How do others pay their suppliers and staff?

Possible to build this function to export ABA format? It’s useful for multiple pay/masspay in Australia banks. Thanks.

Is there any update on this.

There is no built-in ABA file export for Manager.

However, you can hire a local developer to build something for you - it would connect to the Manager API and pull out the necessary transactions, then store them in a file that you can send to your bank.

Since part of the ABA file is the BSB and Account number for the people you are paying, you will likely also need to set those up as custom fields in Manager on the Customer and Supplier records.

Thanks Shane.

I still think that this is a feature we would all use and benefit from.

Is there any update on a mass-pay or ABA file export since this thread was last updated in 2017? It would be very useful. Thank you.