Send attachment with email


Hi Tut, Thank you for taking the time to explain your process and the pro’s or con’s of this functionality. You have moved me a little more in your direction. For me, I like how manager gives a summary of every email sent and for me, I would still love to have this functionality as an option as time is often a factor for me and if manager can do ( I am on Cloud version) then why not utilise it. to its full extent. Having said that, I do see your points well made and may adopt them at some point. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.


Hi @lubos. Just a followup on this request. Any timeframe on implementing or guidance on if this will happen?.

Having taken this approach can have drawbacks, however i can only see many more benefits . For example, now we can have attachments for invoices raised. I can save source documents ( in my case the cloud), as i need to forward theses same documents to the customer to validate my invoice. I always have to send a seperate email outside of manger with exact same source documents saved in manger. If i could attach them at same time of send or for that matter any relevant file to support or inform customer at time of sending invoice from manager would save me hours in time and just seems logical now we have attachments feature.

I know you have been swamped with ongoing improvements so I am hesitant to place pressure but to me this feature is a must have or would be once it was complemented.

Thanks as always for your time and effort.


@hayz, don’t worry. Quite a few people are requesting the very same thing and it will be happening within 2-3 months.


Thanks for update @Lubos. looking forward to it.




Hi @lubos,
Do you have an update for us in regards to when we might be able to start sending attachments with email?
Thank you!


Hi @lubos I echo sparky request. Any update appreciated.

Thank you


i know you been busy on the inventory Qty stuff, Attachments are part of my invoice emails, im seeing @hayz following up long time on the email attachement too. Can we expect it very very soooon please. the email facility is incomplete with out this.


Hi @lubos, As a new user I’d like to say thanks for is turning out to be a very useful tool for a new business that is not making any money yet!
I’d also like to put my hand up for the implementation of email attachments directly from Manager. It would certainly make life a lot easier.


Hi @lubos
It looks like this request is causing some difficulty as no update from you on this one for some time.

Is it likely to happen?. I know I would use this feature every day if implemented…

Thanks for all you do for us users - still waiting with hope you can manage this one.


Hi @lubos,

I am also interested in this being able to do!
Is there a kind of schedule on this?



there is usually no ETA regarding any feature.

you could check the releases page or in the forum where it will be announced.

also you can subscribe to the newsletter.