Search box in mobile view

Users find the current mobile search box size a bit small. Could we please increase it for better usability?


You’re obviously using a mobile device with a very small screen on which doesn’t fit all fields and I think there’s simply no space available to make the search box bigger.

No that is not the case, he is right, space is very less. I m using one the modern phone but still fine a lot of difficulty in it. May be if it can be improved.

Actually, @Mark is right. There is only so much space a mobile can deal with. I do not think that irrespective of trying that Manager as full application can be run on mobile phones. Tablets are ok. Competing applications could have Android or Iphone apps but none will run the whole accounting application on a phone.

As such the effort to try will not work, there are always too many columns. In reality this whole pursuit of being mobile accessible is a fail and should no longer be pursued. Maybe mobile apps similar to competitors could be looked into but that would add significantly to development and “service costs, yes Google and Apple charge for apps in their “stores” even if given free by the developers”.

In a nutshell, just use Manager at large enough screens and forget about mobile phones.


I request to @lubos to make Advanced Queries wrap like New Payment button. then we will got some space for search input box.

@Lubos can at least consider removing the word advanced because that was needed when ot was called advanced search to distinguish ot from the other search but now Queries should suffice.

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Not going to happen. We and others I know use mobile devices extensively in the field. About the Mobile search field we find switching the device to landscape helps.

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