Search and Sort Capabilities for Sent Email

Using Linux Server Version 21.8.53 of Manager how do you search for people you have emailed consistently over the months under the Email Tab?

Use case - We used to be able to pull a list of Dates / Times that a particular email address was sent any information such as an invoice / Quote / Statement. The ability to have this accurate information and record is great to challenge a recipient that says they have never been emailed their account documents.

Right now I have to “Ctrl F” on the Email page (a Windows / Browser feature) to find in page and then search. This is limited to one page at a time.

Is there a work around as there is only a drop down selection now for searching, nothing for recipient?

There is no method currently to do what you want. You can only filter by sender. I do not know if it is technically feasible, but I am adding this to the ideas category. I have edited the title.

In the old style of the email tab we used this function a lot and could even search on invoice / quote number etc. none of that seems to be possible at present?

It is what you see.

Having this functionality back will be a wonderful year end gift. :gift:


Is there a technical reason why the email search cannot be similar to the search in say the Invoice Tab?

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A search option on “Recipient” could largely solve the issue in email search.