Scanner for integration to manager

offtopic to manager directly, but hopefully no-one will mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m curious if anyone could suggest a scanner that they have or know of that can be easily integrated into the OS that I can use with manager?

I am really looking for:

  • ease of use
  • Mac OS X support
  • doesn’t require me to resample the scanned document
  • gives me a file of a type suitable in both size and type for adding my “stuff” to manager
  • ability to also save to a dropbox or other cloud account would be nice, but not required.

I have an older Canon (it’s only a couple of years old) but scanning to a computer results in vastly different file sizes (with the same settings) than scanning to a USB key. The USB key file size is MUCH better, but adds an extra step to the process.

any help appreciated. TIA.

Every scanner I’ve ever used gives you an option to select resolution when you set up a scan. This can have a huge impact on file size. And you can also choose output format, such as PNG, PDF, JPEG, etc.