SBR-enabled reporting obligations

@lubos firstly I’d like to thank you, this software saved me in so many ways.

I have successfully:

  • reconciled AUD & USD Banks
  • accurate P&L & perfect balance sheets
  • and today I lodged my BAS for the first time solo (happy dance)

but now I was trying to work out how to lodge my businesses tax return.

then I discovered the need for software with ‘SBR-enabled reporting obligations’
I searched the ATO list here:

Then came here to see some others had asked this question in 2014 & 2016.

Is there any solution developed for this?

There is going to be an add-on to facilitate SBR by end of this year.

Good to hear.

in the mean time, I guess we just fill out on form by hand?

@lubos just checking if ‘SBR-enabled reporting obligations’ to help prepare and facilitate business tax returns, has been done yet?

Which report compliant with Standard Business Reporting (SBR), were you looking wanting?

Single touch payroll is already supported.