Process business tax return

There has been some vague mention here and there on business tax return (for Australia) in some older posts, but I was unable to find anything contemporary to answer my question.

I have all accounts records entered, both AUD & USD are reconciled 100% to the cent.
BAS / GST reports are done and submitted to ATO
STP payroll done and submitted to ATO

This just leaves the business tax return to go.
I’ve seen some dated posts mentioning that this is not supported yet, not sure if this is still the case.

One of my key goals with Manager was to be able to confidently submit my own business tax returns.

What help or guides can you give me to complete this final step to being completely independent of 3rd party accountants? (where I live they would charge more than my profits)

If you do not need and accountant to work out what you are best to submit, why not just lodge it your self here

If you are not a sole trader your business return would need to be lodged by paper form as Manager is not on the list of products supporting Company Tax Return (CTR) reporting via SBR