Save Attached File Separately from Database File

Currently, the attachment is saved inside the database file, as already discussed and proposed by @BGPS previous thread, saving the attachment in database can avoid direct access and reduce the risk of breaking the file.

But as the attachment grow (e.g. 1000 scanned receipt of 2MB will add up to 2GB), the time for loading the database will increase and a higher risk of load failure.

Is it possible to save the files in a central folder? For example, Money Manager EX save each attachment in a separate folder (and automatically name it). In this case, I can also sync this folder to cloud to ensure all the files are safe.

you can try reducing the quality of image before attaching the same in Manager.
attachments like purchase invoice can be stored forever whereas quotes etc can be removed after a specific period of time as they do not have any impact on your business in the long run.
also creating a backup after removing attachments will reduce the database size. this backup file can be used from the day forth.

this will only cause inconsistency. a file attached to a transaction should be available even when viewed on a different computer. having the attachments in a different folder will break this.
moreover, there would be no purpose of having the ability to attach files to a transaction as you can simply put the files in a designated folder without the intervention of Manager.
also, you can already sync your business data file to the cloud.

Actually this will cause only small performance overhead. As for higher risk of database corruption, Manager is using SQLite which is pretty difficult to corrupt (assuming your hard-drive doesn’t fail).

If the database is too large, it will take longer time to sync with Dropbox.

Is it possible to save a pointer to file with a relative path to the home folder of Manager data folder? As @sharpdrivetek mentioned, keep all data within the same folder will make it easier to migrate between different computer.

They are all saved in a same folder, so if you change a computer, just copy the whole folder to the new one and your data will alive immediately. You can test it with Money Manager EX, user only need to specify home folder at new PC.

Sure, we can keep archive of attachment outside Manager, but it will be much easier to manage and find the files if Manager can relate the transaction with the file.

As far as I know, Dropbox won’t upload the whole database, only changes within the file. In other words, it doesn’t matter how big is the database as far as Dropbox is concerned.

is it possible to clone the .manager file without transactions and attachment and only the structured data in tact like supplier, customer, bank, cash, and chart of accounts?

presumably like templates