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that is mean every time i will select Auto when i create new invoice as usually but as per ZATCA instruction should be generated automatically without any permission to modify or they will give you penalty

Wait @tut reply, he will guide us well.

If you are using the desktop edition, there are no users.

Set this under Form Defaults.

I think you have all answers you need from Tut.

If you mean you’re using a custom theme for that, then the custom themes still available currently.

[quote=“Tut, post:43, topic:37812”]
If you are using the desktop edition, there are no users
yes i using the desktop edition, kindly is there any solution ?

i create new interface and i used below code to shift it a little bit to down but now the interface should be by default if i want the QR code after update( table style=“padding: 200px 10px 10px 10px”)

Without coding. You can edit printing preferences to move it down

Subscribe to the cloud edition or buy a server edition license.

please advice how

Explore the product options at Manager’s home page: Download | Manager.


how please

ok it is clear

  1. [Settings]
  2. [Form Defaults]
  3. Sales Invoice — Edit

@lubos, I have seen you added a timestamp code to the QR code, so naturally, I downloaded a backup copy to test it without messing around with the localizations server.

But the QR code doesn’t work on my cloud server. What could be the cause of this?

did you download the backup which includes the History because this seems to be the source for the timestamp.
this is only my assumption because you did not mention whether you checked the existing transactions or you created new transactions after importing the backup.

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No I didn’t.

I should try doing that and I hope this fixes it because the entire QR isn’t showing.

I get “Invalid Date”.
would it be related to the Time and Date Format settings? but I changed the format to be the same as the localization file and it didn’t work.

I created a QR in the Purchase invoice and It’s working fine in 21.11.30 but it’s not working in the sales invoice and c.note

I add there business but qr code is appear with different one business qr ode show date and time but not showing coustmer name .second businees qr code show only vat valu and date .third businees qr code show coustmer name vat value but only time not showing .so please tell me why qr code not appear same in all business so it was very difficult to understand for us

@sharpdrivetek You were right.

@Ehab, have you tried backing up with History, because that did the job for me. Or maybe you should create new sales invoices and then it should work.