Satisfied regular Customer

Well , I have searched high and low for how I can contribute some positive feedback of a random nature and can’t find anything so am creating a new topic .
Just to say I have been very happy using Manager over the last couple of years .
It took me a while to find a suitable program after my other became unsupported and out of date .


In a forum of constant feature request from users including myself, it feels good to read something different

Glad to know someone else feels the same way :neutral_face:

Yes! I concur wholeheartedly… and even when I have needed help someone has always come to the rescue!!!


I have been using Manager for a few months now and fnd it absolutly brilliant. Easy to use and if helps required its forthcoming. One thing I have learned there’s a guide somewhere for everything once you find it. And someone’s always willing to help.

Brilliant and thank you.