Love the program

I love the program, especially as it is free, so thanks to everyone involved and well done. Yes I could make several suggestions for improvements but rarely the forum just offers praise.


I have to second the motion. I concur.

Plus I’d like to add a HUGE THANK-YOU to all those smarter people active in the forums going above and beyond helping us lay people learn about and how to account with it. I know the forums are supposed to be about the manager app specifically, but it’s great getting accounting advice from people here using the same software! It makes all the difference to me :beers:

I know this is an old post but I have to agree with the other two posters. This program is so easy to use. I’ve only had a couple of bumps along the way and the people in the forums have been SOOO helpful and responsive. Coming from a Peachtree background you guys put them to shame. Thanks!!!

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