Same software

Hi all. Just to clarify, I did download a product SBSCC MYBOS which is exactly the same as the Manager !!

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Various organizations publish white label versions of Manager through arrangements with NGSoftware. But they are not identical, especially in the area of documentation and support.


You mean the first owner is manager. ??
And all other are White label partner ??

I do not understand your question. What do you mean by “first owner?” Manager is a program, not an entity. You are also asking about business relationships that may have changed in the time since that old post.

It sounds rather strange - “first owner” - what do you mean?

I assume he mean if multiple web entities provide software as their own, how can the user be sure which if any are actually producing the software and which are just claiming it as theirs, ie is Manager just one of the white label supplier of this accounting software.

If that is what @Thida meant, Manager was developed and is distributed by NGSoftware Pty Ltd, owned by @lubos.

I also see SBSSC and confuse it.
So I ask this question. You go and see

I know there are a lot of accounting firm use manager as white label partner.
But they have some feature different

I mean NGS is Owner (first owner ) and Are SBSCC or others are white label partnership.
I dont know how to explain it,but I also get same software from SBSCC.
I think also like Andreas 1

That link doesn’t work for me I assume you mean

Either that or a VPN to change my internet access location

i m also download this software but it shareware not like Manager @Thida