Salesperson option in the Invoice to link in other account


Is there an option to add the salesperson/s when creating the invoice? I usually create invoice with many salespersons for the commissions.

Currently, im creating the invoice in one line then I will create JV for the distribution of the commissions using special account .

It would be cool if this will be included in the invoice itself with automatic calculation and link to commission payable.

Tracking options is another one.

If there is other options, please let me know.



You can add a custom field, but there are no automatic transactions.

I have a client who uses Tracking Codes for this purpose.

Then, a P&L statement is generated under an agent’s tracking code to check their gross profit contribution.

Hope this helps.

@hya if you a custom field, you then have available the standard report:
Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field.

This report could then give you a basis for the calculation.