Sales Invoice Link - add two columns

We have a request with regards to the Sales Invoice Link. When we view our Sales Invoices it would be nice to see a column for the Account and another for the description. We manually create a report that includes this data but it takes a lot of clicking back and forth to get the data.

Adding this would save a TON of time. Is this customization possible?

I’m curious, why do want to see Account column on Sales Invoices tab?

When we click the Sales Invoice link on the left hand side, that takes us to the Sales Invoices. That view currently has the Edit and View buttons, Issue date, Invoice #, Customer, Amount, Balance due and Status. In order for us to keep track of which sub contractor did the work for that sales Invoice we add their name to the Account box and a Custom description in the description field. For tracking purposes we copy and paste that data and make reports in Excel. That takes a lot of time because we have to click back and forth for each Sales Invoice. If both the Account and Description we in the Sales Invoices view, it would save us a lot of time.