Sales Representatives Customizations

Please advise if Manager can track sales by Sales Representative for purposes of tracking their commissions?

You could investigate using Tracking Codes which are setup under Settings.
Each Sales Representative could be created as a Tracking Code and this would then group their Sales Invoices together for commission calculation purposes.

This is something I am also interested in, however, tracking codes as currently implemented isn’t the best solution.

Case in point, we currently use tracking codes to assess the performance of three locations, however, each location has there own sales representatives. If we use the tracking codes for the sales reps, we lose out on the overall location figures and if we use the tracking codes for the location, we lose out on the individual sales rep figures.

I don’t know if tracking codes could be setup in an account/sub-account manner, but either way, the ability to track your sales reps figures would be a great asset, both for performance and for commission calculations.

I already mentioned this like 2 time(s) and doesn’t looks to me it gonna be implement soon… It can be combo with budgets too.

and @abeiku also request this before,

Dear @lubos.

It seems that the implementation of tracking code groups, has not been done yet? I am also running an NGO and is in need of feature.

Thank you so much in advance.

Custom fields could also be used to track Sales Representatives responsible for a Sales Invoice.

This would work if you are already using tracking codes for another reason in your business.

This will be official guidance. There are going to be new sales reports which will be able to group sales for the period of time by item, customer or custom field. So this is how tracking sales by sales representatives can be done.

Tracking codes will be probably renamed to “Divisions” as I think they shouldn’t be used for anything else but divisional accounting.