Sales quote report

I have created a report for sales quotations but there isn’t a choice to add the description.

I have checked out if the option should be there by doing a purchase order report and the description line is there to choose.

Is the description meant to be there or has it been omitted? If it has been accidentally left off could it be put on please as the quote report means nothing without the description?

Many thanks for your time in reading this.

There are no reports for sales quotes, so you must be referring to a custom report. Custom reports are still under development and not every database variable is exposed yet.

Yes I customized a Quote report Tut and a Purchase order report.

They both work fine and the description is on the Purchase order. Just a shame it’s not on the quote report.

I get around this though by putting the group I want in the search box of my quotes. I have Pending, Accepted, Lost etc in a drop down box so I can check on them by entering the dropdown box word in the search and printing that off via screenshot. Kind regards