Sales Orders

What will happen to the Sales orders after it has been converted to Sales Invoice and how do we know that it already been converted

Nothing will happen to it.

You can add a custom field to monitor the Sales Order status if you wish but this will be a manual operation

What I would suggest to the developers is to enhance the Sales Order and Purchase Order shall be shown to the user by making the figure in some color confirming the conversion to the Invoices
This can be taken up as an idea and put it to vote


I just open 2 windows in the browser when in doubt. One with Purchase Orders and one with Purchase Invoices. As we often have differences in the actual numbers between the PO and the PI we prefer to keep as it does, complete records of each. Sometimes we drill down when a supplier keeps misinterpreting our orders and discrepancies between PO and PI often too big. We then have a discussion with such supplier and oif not getting better use others.

@AMM, the situation is not as simple as you imply. A sales or purchase order can be entered once and subsequently lead to many invoices. (Consider an example where a customer sends a single purchase order for future deliveries on a monthly basis. The program has no means of knowing whether an order has been permanently satisfied.)

Users also incorporate sales and purchase orders into their workflows in different ways, specifically because they are optional and have no financial impact. Some use them for external communication, some for internal purposes, some not at all. Some use them as part of contract development and execution, some do not. Your suggestion implies that one order leads to one invoice, and that the two can be tied together in linear fashion. That is not the case. Think of sales and purchase orders—within the context of the program—as only being convenient methods of recording information for later copying to other financial transactions that do have financial impact.

Yes, I agree with all your explanation but my point is not to block, erase or delete the SO & PO once it’s converted to Invoice.
But to have a small indication that it has been at least once converted
We may Invoice it again as you said
This is required for the users who has a lot of SOs created by a remote worker and to send the invoices with the shipping
I think Tut as you mentioned this is also a type of customer who needs this feature
And by doing this no other operation or customer is affected
Please see the following example. There are two orders converted to Invoices . It is just information. I think more users will be benefitted

Makes sense.

@AMM, this subject has already been in the ideas category for four years: Status of quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Idea.

You can read the developer’s thoughts here: Status of a Sale > Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices - #6 by lubos.

A dropdown-style custom field tailored to your work flow will resolve your problem.

@lubos wrote on 15 September 2019 in Sales Orders - #8 by Tut the following:


Sep '15

Here is the thing. I know statuses are important but to be honest, I have still no idea how to implement them in order to keep everybody satisfied with implementation.

If you want simple statuses, I suggest just create a custom field. I just made it possible to create a custom field which can look like a drop-down list.

You can define list of drop-down options (e.g. statuses). Then select option which is applicable on individual invoices.

You can do the same on quotes, orders etc.

More advanced status implementation will most likely come after I implement warehousing and job-costing as these both concepts are somewhat related to statuses.

However, @lubos has implemented status updates in for example Purchase Invoices. From a program technical point of view when clicking “Copy to” Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order could through a Bolean switch change the status of that Purchase Order as suggested. The problem with the custom field is that you will be in View mode of the PO when clicking copy to PI and thus need to go back to select the dropdown in the Custom field.

Status indications on sales and purchase invoices are determined from two factors:

  • Due date relative to current date
  • Prior receipt or payment history, specifically transactions posted against an invoice under Accounts receivable or Accounts payable.

In the case of a sales or purchase order, neither factor is available. There are no due dates, and no transactions are ever posted anywhere with respect to the orders. So no Boolean switch is feasible. Furthermore, there are other methods of creating invoices deriving from orders that do not involve copying. And you have not addressed the variations in workflow that are common. The act of copying an order to an invoice, by itself, does not indicate the status of the order.

Many users think changes to accommodate their own workflow are simple. Sometimes they are correct. But they often overlook alternative workflows or interaction with other tabs and functions, especially ones they do not have enabled.

Sorry, maybe I should have explained better. When I click on Copy To from a Purchase Order View, I can trigger a status switch automatically by that action. In this case it would change a Boolean field from for example off (PO active) to on (PI placed).

Not currently. If you are conveying what you want to happen rather than what now happens, that is what I already understood you to mean. And the problems I outlined remain.

I am still in the view that there is not going to be any problem if there is a color change triggered once the SO or PO being invoiced
Instead, it will be a great feature for everyone even if they need to re-invoice it or not. Also in situations where more users handle it from different locations

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Developers, please consider

Thank You All
Its done
You may close this now