Sales orders overview

It would be a nice thing to see what has happend to the sales order.
I’ve made a preview of how it could be, visually.

You can see the sales order, and on the right a visuallity of what has happend.
In this case the order has been made to a Sales Invoice and then a Delivery Note.
This comes handy to make sure every order is handled correctly, and could also be done on the overview of Sales Invoices, Sales Quotes, …
Hope this gets trough!

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Your idea is interesting. Think it through further and provide additional thoughts, please.

For example, would the indicator show only a sales order that has been copied to a sales invoice? What if a sales invoice was raised and the sales order reference was manually entered? What if the sales order included multiple line items and you copied to a sales invoice but edited because some items were out of stock? Would the indicator still show? What if you then copied the same sales order again when you needed to invoice the balance of the order?

As another example, what would happen if you clone a sales order?

What good are the indicators if you cannot see the later transactions? How would you look them up?

What would happen if you performed tasks differently from your normal workflow? Suppose you normally issue sales invoices, but a customer calls with a sales order but then walks in a picks up the item and pays cash, so you enter a receipt without the sales invoice step?

More thought would undoubtedly produce more possible questions and variations.


I guess it’s the easiest to make it a button, like in the customer overview, you have a counter of invoices. If you click it, you can follow it up which invoices and what happend to it. 2019-12-03_15h53_49|690x195

If you copied to a sales invoice and edited, it’s still that order, but edited. So it should obviously indicate it.

If you duplicate the order, it becomes a new one, so the follow up of the first one stops ofcourse.

It’s not a must that the circle is completed from Sales Quote to Delivery note. It happens that a sales quote is denied and it stops there. But then it’s obvious because the buttons don’t show further actions.

Automatically tracking the Sales and Purchases orders is a feature that must eventually be added to Manager.

It does introduce some complexity in the programming because things don’t always go straight as we want it to go when we work with purchase orders and sales orders.

Some programs have features used to make changes to orders for example and that order becomes a change order which will have the original order number and it own change order number stated on it.

When an invoice copied from an order gets edited the system will ask if it a permanent change, if it a permanent change the system closes the order and report the order as closed. if the order is still open, the order status becomes partially fulfilled, order exceeded or order not same as invoice(s)

In serious business environments orders are not likely to be different from it subsequent invoices and if there will be such a situation, a change order will be issued which represents the new order agreements and makes the original order inactive or closed.

In a serious work environment there are workflows. And people are expected to do things the right way. (e.g. You may disallow entering of invoices without correct and open order numbers, or limit limited users from raising invoice from the invoice tab which requires manually entering order numbers or the system suggests for the user to select the right order number to avoid errors )

There are plenty more things that can be done to add order tracking features, it will be a huge plus as people are paying for big software out there just to handle the complications in these things (orders and inventory available for example).

I Know @lubos himself has a plan for the future for order tracking.

We need to start somewhere and develop it bit by bit.and

Thanks, @Abeiku. You have contributed some initial thoughts showing how complicated something can be, even when it seems simple at first.

or we can have the same as a drop-down list to choose the sales order rather than manually entering random numbers.

Yes good @sharpdrivetek
Yes @Tut the world itself is a complex place, nothing is straightforward. To be on top you have to take on complexities and conquer them.

Good advice. Thanks.