Sales Order when qty to receive is negative

Hello Team, I have noticed some status problem on the sales order tab. This occurs when the item quantity supplied is more than what is ordered. The status displayed is “partially delivered” which is not so. Kindly address the problem.

See attached screenshots for reference. Thank you.

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I can reproduce this and I agree the status should be something other than Partially Delivered.

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Improved in the latest version (

Delivery Status will now show Overdelivered or Over received when qty on delivery notes / goods receipts exceeds quantity on order.



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Are there any accounting changes occurring if over-delivered or over-received?

My understanding is there is no universally applicable way of calculating he cost of goods until this is rectified, as it depends on what actually occurred in each individual case. Does the business need to

  • send the excess product received back
  • Pay for the extra received
  • accept the excess received as a free bonus on that delivery

As a result when it is rectified, as step change in cost of good may occur.

No. It’s just simple indicator that amounts set on order do not match what was actually invoiced or delivered.