Sales Order - Summary field

In the Sales order there is also a field called “Summary”, this is very useful and ok. So now i put some info inside, then print it. But on printing this is all empty, but it is still in the “summary” (when use edit function), if use “view” its not there

any idea whats the problem

Are you using the latest version? If think there might have been a bug that was fixed, but I’m not sure.

Also, did you remember to click Update after adding the information?

yes, i use 15.1.88 but i found out already version before had this issue. And yes, i click update after adding information. I even made a complete new sales order to check if any issue.

today also found out that on Purchase Order same problem, when i type some info in the field “description”, also cannot see later. (when press VIEW)

I have the same issue with summary fields. I believe it has something to do with auto-complete input. When I type the whole description everything is fine, but sometimes when I use auto-complete it doesn’t show. Maybe because that auto-complete had several options it does not chose the correct one? And it’s occurs not in just sales summary. Descriptions using auto-complete have the same error.

I can reproduce @Dietmar’s behavior. I hesitate to call it a problem, though. The sales order is for internal purposes, not meant to go to the customer. So a summary seems unnecessary. Nevertheless, the information is preserved and appears on the sales invoice if you convert the sales order into an invoice. I guess that’s a design choice made by the developer. If you really want the information on the sales order, you may have to create your own template.

@ajmk1, however, mentions summary fields (plural) and auto-complete. Are you saying, @ajmk1, that you see this behavior in multiple places within Manager? If so, where exactly? And you mention autocomplete as a potential source of the behavior. But the sales order Summary input doesn’t use autocomplete. That suggests you are talking about a different problem. More information would be useful.

@Tut - ok this field was working before and not any issue, I would need this field because when i later make Sales Invoice, this information should be also inside. Beside this in Austria we need to send Sales Order also to client to confirm all information. This is related due to we are in Trading business, so the sales order is not just simple one, here are many information related to our product inside, then client need to confirm this.

so i would appreciate if you can take a closer look and find a solution for it and in one of the next updates this is solved, thank you

I am not the developer, @Dietmar. I am just a user. I am sure @lubos will read your posting. He will be the one to decide what, if anything, to do.

Same issue. We use the Sales Order form for sale or return deliveries, so that the total is not added to the turnover before sale. We need to show the Summary field on the printed version.

In addition, the company layout and font is different from the Sales Invoice form, and does not have the nice vertical line alongside it.

Can this be updated as well, please?

This is fixed in the latest version (15.1.93)

However, as @Tut has mentioned, sales orders are internal documents.

@mjc, sales orders look different from sales invoices on purpose. If you are using them as external documents, is it basically a way to confirm an order with customer before issuing invoice? Not sure what you mean by return deliveries. Can you be more specific?

Thanks for the update. We supply some customers (mainly galleries selling our jewellery) on a “sale or return” basis. When the items are sold the customer pays us the price, less the agreed commission. We need a form to list the items and the retail prices, but this is not an invoice to the customer and the amount paid to us will be less than the full retail price.

I have taken note of what you say about the Sales Order being an internal document, and have moved to using the Sales Quote form instead. It would be nice to be able to change the heading, but this is not essential.

When you get round to adding pro forma invoices I will look at this to see if it would work for us.

@mjc, if you search the forum you will find other threads in which I’ve discussed the fact that consignment of items for sale (such as your placing your jewelry with galleries) is not a financial transaction. Ownership has not changed. Money has not been paid or received. What you are doing is transferring inventory to a new location for marketing purposes. Instead of putting it your shop window, you put it in someone else’s shop, hoping for a sale.

Only if a customer buys via your cooperating gallery do you have a recordable transaction. So consignments records should be kept separately, not confused with sales invoices, quotes, or sales orders. Just how things should be recorded when a sale occurs depends on the contractual arrangement with the gallery. If you actually transfer ownership to them, you need to recognize the sales revenue, less a commission expense. But if ownership passes directly to the purchasing customer, they should be the customer and the gallery’s commission is a separate sales expense.

@Tut, you are of course right that the consignment for sale is not a financial transaction, in that ownership does not pass until sale. At that point it either becomes a sale to the gallery at trade price, with the gallery immediately selling it on to the end user at its chosen retail price; or it becomes a sale by us to the end user at our retail price, with the gallery taking a commission. From an accounting viewpoint, no paperwork is required until that point is reached.

However, the consignment for sale is still a transaction (though not a financial one as yet), and needs to be recorded. A key feature of the program for us is to produce good-looking paperwork between us and the galleries/customers. Sometimes this will be in the form of a sales invoice, sometimes it will be in the form of a consignment note for sale or return. Each needs to set out the details of the items delivered, and each needs to set out prices. The totals in the sales invoices should be included in our accounts, but the details in the consignment notes should not.

I do not want to use a separate spreadsheet for this, and lose the simplicity of having a single program handle all the transactions, both financial and otherwise. Using the Delivery Note module would not work, as this does not show any prices. At the moment the best workaround is to use the Sales Quote module. This produces external documents which have the same layout as Sales Invoices, show prices, but are not included in the accounts receivable or the financial summary. If the heading for these could be changed from “Quote” to “Consignment Note”, everything would be perfect as far as we are concerned [Note to Lubos: User editing of this template would be welcome once you are satisfied with the editing option for Sales Invoices].

It may be worth us looking at the upcoming Pro Forma Invoice module, but its relevance to our business will depend on how it is structured and what effect (if any) it has on the financial figures.

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@mjc, you clearly understand all the implications, so I apologize if I came across as patronizing. Several previous users making consignment sales have not realized the distinctions involved. :grinning:

Dear all

problem is solved ans now can also get the summary on print version, thank for that. However, i just found out that there seems to be the same prroblem with the summary field on the PO - Purchase Order, can we also fix this issue that it is working like on sales order, thanks to @lubos