Sales Order & Purchase Order

can any one tell me what is sales order and purchase order and how to use them with sales invoice and purchase invoice

Read the Guide about each one.

can you share me the guide << This guide is for the sales order. << This guide is for the purchase order.

But generally, Sales Order is an internal document, which act as a communication method within sales department to ensure that the customer order is confirmed. Sales order sometimes act as a reminder to keep track of customers orders and what is to be done.

Sales Order will not have any effect on your accounting records, You still need to issue sales invoice for a customer for the sales to be taken effect. Therefore, if you don’t find yourself in need to use sales order, don’t use it. This depends on your work-flow.

On the other hand, Purchase Order, when issued from the system, or manually issued, will act as a confirmation for your suppliers to deliver the goods to your company with the confirmed and agreed quantities and prices.

Purchase Order is sometimes required by the supplier, specially if your company is purchasing on credit (on account / paying later). That for to avoid any conflict that may happen after executing the purchase.

thank you so much

The link to the Guides is always at the top of the forum page. Additionally, relevant Guides can be accessed directly from with Manager by activating the Learn how to… switch at the bottom of any page in Manager: