Purchase invoice?


hello i am new in forum and i want to ask. i have 3 purchase invoice and i want to create one invoice to sale in one customer.


Read this Guide


not help this?


What is your question, @Paylos_paylos24? Telling other forum members that something is not a help does not get you more information. What part of the Guide do you not understand? Also, do you understand that purchase invoices are the method for recording incoming sales invoices from suppliers? Purchase invoices and sales invoices are financially unrelated.

Is it possible you mean that you have received three purchase orders from customers? If desired, you can enter those as sales orders in Manager, but sales orders have no financial impact. They are optional.


If you have 3 purchase invoices for various items which you are going to sell to one customer, then you enter the 3 purchase invoices individually and then you create one sales invoice which has all those various items listed.

Purchase Invoice Guide
Sales Invoice Guide

If this does not help, then you need to better explain your question.