Sales Order, Purchase Order, Payslip


Is it possible to add “Receiver’s Signature” Field for Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Payslip? I suggest to set it as optional.


What’s the point? Sales Order is internal document, it is not given to anyone. Purchase Order is document you give to supplier but you are not expected to receive back signed copy or anything like that. The same goes with payslips.


I think screamodies meant Receiver’s Signature for Sales Invoices. I was thinking of the exact same thing, since a signed copy will be proof that they have received the equipment, and will help during payment follow up.


Yeah but that’s still not the way to do it. If goods on invoice are received in multiple batches, then you need multiple signatures even though there is only one invoice.

Manager contains a tab called Delivery Notes which should be used for this. You issue delivery note when you deliver goods so customer can sign off each delivery.


Well, using delivery notes and Sales Invoices separately would just increase my paper work. I prefer just using the sales invoices. But you are right, when we have split invoices, then a delivery note could be a more efficient alternative.

Anyway, to sort the above issue, i just have the Notes filled up with something that goes like this:

Goods Received in Good Condition by:




And this sorts my problem :smile:


I’m not too familiar with this delivery thing. I read about delivery order. Are delivery notes and delivery order the same thing?


Where do you see delivery orders?


I guess he just ask if the “Delivery Notes” in Manager and “Delivery Order” he knew are the same term or thing.

Just one thing lubos, will the Backup function generally backup the whole database? Because I can find the Backup tab everywhere in Manager.

Well anyway thanks for your replies gentlemen.


Yes, that’s what I meant. Thanks for clarifying my question.


Screamodies: Your answer to the backup question : YES.


In the “Note” Field, you can enter a disclaimer with a "Signature X___________ " near the bottom.