Sales Order Partially Invoiced



It says a sales order is partially invoiced, I want to know if there’s a way to track which item/delivery note is not invoiced. I can see all delivery notes related to this particular sales order have been linked. I can see all delivery notes are linked to invoices.

How to know exactly which item is not invoiced or partially invoiced? i.e wrong item or qty etc.

Partially Invoiced means at least one sales invoice was issued for sales order but the invoiced total is less than sales order total.

Several invoices sent, how would I know which one has the problem?

The problem is not with the sales invoices - it just that you have not invoiced the full amount on the sales order

How would i know which invoice & which item is not invoiced correctly? There are many invoices of that specific sale order.

I don’t understand what you mean by not invoiced correctly - each invoice has whatever qty and price you entered

How you would define incorrect?

There is Invoiced column which is clickable under Sales Orders tab. If Amount is less than Invoiced, then sales order is Partially Invoiced.


Mr. lubos
We hope this is the solution
Click on the specific color of the cell to move to the causes. Post the reasons (not billed or partially billed) to the alert box
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