Sales Order Custom Report

I’ve been browsing the forum extensively with the hope of finding a solution to my problem. I’d like to generate a Sales Roder Report showing the inventory items sold and their quantities, and very importantly with dates filtered, e.g. xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx.

I understand it can only be done by way of Custom Report. I don’t know the table names or the fields name. Can anyone shed some light on this please?

While I believe I understand what you want, remember that Sales Orders do not change inventory. They involve no movement of money. They only record an order received for internal purposes. Sales Invoices will record actual sales.

If you have the Inventory Items tab enabled, can you not get what you need from the inventory movement reports?

Thanks for your thought on this. I’d like to know the information so I can either order in the inventory items, or manufacture them. This has to happen before the actual sales take place.

I understand the new “Warehouse” module is going to address this issue. I just need a temporary solution before the module is realised.