Sales order and copy it to new sales invoice

Hi, i have completed a sales order and copy it to new sales invoice marked as completed using a dropdown list, I think processed sales order should be locked (should not use ageing) when it completed with copy to sales invoice. it should lock the Sales Order if we already generate the Sales Invoice.

No, you cannot do that.

In the first place, sales orders have no financial impact within the program. Locking sales orders or not locking them would not affect any financial result.

In the second place, your custom field (and all custom fields) are informational only. They have no impact within the program, which ignores them except when you have set them up to be displayed or use them as a search or sort criterion. The fact that you have used a custom field to mark a sales order as completed does not change its status or affect anything else.

In the third place, sales orders can also be copied for multiple purposes. You apparently copy them to sales invoices when work is completed. But they can be copied to sales quotes to propose similar work too the same or different customers, copied to purchase orders to order materials for a job or replace inventory consumed for the order, copied to a purchase invoice when a supplier delivers material ordered for the sales order, or copied to a delivery note when goods are delivered ahead of a sales invoice being created. The sales order is really nothing but a shortcut for recording information, often to be used on other transactions that actually have a financial impact. So locking one because a sales invoice has been produced would hinder other applications.

There’s an idea for that

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@Tut I am agree with you, but it can be use an another function to select them as LOCK button to lock them so that some of other use like me can not use it in future. If i wish to use them then UNLOCK to use.

@subrosumon, what is the point of locking a sales order because a sales invoice has been copied from it if you can unlock it anyway? What is the benefit? What is your use case?

Reason to locking Sales order: I am maintained sales order reference serially and it should not be used for other client. if any sales order refused it also be locked. same as i have more than 1 sales team to work. They are still confused if this sales order accepted or canceled/ rejected. if accepted is this created any sales invoice or not.

Benefit: Ensure to reduce high chance of create duplicate Invoice and make sure this sales order has processed to invoiced. No further action required and there is no chance to create duplicate Invoice by other sales tem member.

My Case: Basically my sales invoice is coming through Sales order. My sales team are getting confused if all accepted sales order has Copy to Sales invoice, after deliver the product or service. My Sales Manager can not understand if how many sales order has canceled or accepted or rejected or amended this period. (A report can be generated -how many sales order has canceled or accepted or rejected or amended this period.)

Locking a sales order will have no impact on this. For example, if you have automatic sequencing selected for sales orders in Form Defaults, but set a Lock Date of today, the next sales order you create tomorrow will still be sequential.

This is a matter of training and enforcement of company practices. A locked sales order will not prevent creation of a second sales invoice for the same order. It would only mean you could not do so by copying.

Then you are not enforcing use of your custom field for status.

You can already extract this information from the Sales Order tab with a properly constructed search. But it requires that your people follow your procedures. If your sales teams are not, and you are willing to let them get away with that, what will stop anyone from creating sales invoices outside your process?

When i did not get any solution then extract this information. However i lock/unlock optional function should be implemented.