Sales of Inventory not updating purchase of inventory


Only some of my sales of inventory are updating the purchase of inventory, . They are leaving inventory on hand but on the summary page under the purchase of inventory items they show a value of 0 so my purchase of inventory items does not show its true value. It is not always the case and I have gone back through to see if there os any difference on the invioces I have generated and they are exactly the same. Is this a glitch?


This can happen if your inventory on hand goes to negative. Then Manager cannot determine the purchase cost (because there was nothing on hand) so nothing can be posted as a purchase.

If that’s the case, Manager will automatically allocate cost to purchase account when you finally purchase those inventory items you have previously sold.

Does this sound like this would the case?


cheers mate, it is fixed


What was the problem then? Negative inventory? I am going to start using the inventory, so really need to know about issues with the inventory on hand and sales on inventory. thanks


Correct, it was negative so didn’t update but after I entered the items in then it made the adjustment:)