Sales invoice

In the additional field at the bottom of the invoice, Some Customers at times deduct other taxes and levies at source such as Vat and NCD Levy before making payments as provided in their policy.

How will these deductions be handled in the books since there were no provisions in the standard field provided such as deduct withholding tax.

What field are you referring to?

Again, what field are you referring to? Every transaction form in Manager contains many fields. To learn how to account for withholding tax, read the Guide:

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The field i mean is where the following are stated:

  1. Discount
  2. Round off the total
  3. Amounts are tax inclusive
  4. Deduct WHT
  5. Early discount payment etc

The question is apart from deduct withholding tax, other deductions such as deduct Vat and NCD Levy as provided by our local law, how will be handled in the books.

For instance;
a. When Deduct WHT is checked and the appoint is indicated.
b. Automatically the WHT receivable account is uploaded to show where the second leg is going.
c. The amount receivable is net of WHT deducted at source by Customer.

How will Manager handle Vat and NCD Levy deductions at source.

The page you are referring to is the sales invoice entry form. Read all about it here:

VAT is not deducted on sales invoices. It is added by selecting the appropriate tax code. Read about tax codes here: If your government regulations require customers to deduct VAT or amounts for other things before paying invoices, and remit the amounts to the government on your behalf, that is withholding (in Manager’s terminology). I already gave you the Guide for that. Everything you have asked seems related to that.