Sales Invoice Reference ID gone crazy?

Hello all,

I just created an invoice with an automatic reference ID and the value is strange.


Shouldn’t the value be 1127?

One of several things could have happened:

  • You accidentially entered a number while creating the sales invoice. This would override your automatic setting.
  • You edited the invoice after creating it. The automatic setting only applies at the moment the invoice is created. Once a transaction has been created, the reference field is just like any other and can be edited purposely or accidentally.
  • At some point in the past, you created or edited a sales invoice with reference 10271902000. Search for that number in the Sales Invoices tab listing or sort the list by clicking on the # heading.

Thanks @Tut!

I found an invoice from years ago that had a date/time stamp in the Invoice number field. Weird.

The wierd thing is why this just shows up now. It should have shown up the first time you created an automatically sequenced sales invoice after that one was entered. What this tells us is that, somehow, that old invoice was modified after the creation of sales invoice #1126. Otherwise, #1126 would have had the offending number. Based on your dates, this would have happened sometime during August 2022. Perhaps a batch update with a stray number? An administrative invoice correction that went awry?