Sale Invoice Print

I need to print Invoice Small like on 8.5X5.5 size page size.

I believe this is not a Manager functionality, but your printers. What you want could be achieved by simply scaling the page in the printer settings to the page size that you would like. There are predefined page sizes, but you can also apply customized scaling.

Dear sir, I don’t find (DO) Delivery Order option also would you plz update me how to increase business Name font size.

There are Delivery Notes available in the Manager. First, you have to enable it under “Customize” and check the box in from of the Delivery notes.

As far as the font of your business name on the invoice, you can do it by going to Settings, the View Templates and increase the font size in your newly customized invoice template. Still, it requires a bit of programming skills.

I hope this helped.

Thanx Dear Dragan_vokosavljevic, , a template is created with a bit change in code but how could I use these template in regular invoicing?
Coming to Delivery Order, delivery note is only to notify a customer about delivery but sir need to use DO as when sale invoices are created of Booking person all stock should add to Delivery Order so storekeeper may feel easy to put out all stock once rather than to find out stock for each invoice one by one. Plz guide thanx, best Regards, Azhar Abbas Dar

If you have saved your changed template, when you go to Create New sales invoice, the is an option downward on te page to set default sales invoice template.

I am not using delivery notes, but from what I noticed, it is possible to create sales invoice from delivery note. If that is the case, Manager should manage your stock automatically.

As I am not an administrator, just end user, please address to @lubos for additional support on this.