Sales invoice format

Can I change column name from Qty to Amount ($) and unit price to Exchange rate and I also want a tagline of my company in the end of every invoice?

Thanks in advance

You could, but it would make no sense to do so. The numbers in those columns would still be quantities and unit prices. The Amount column is calculated automatically based on those other two columns. Exchange rates have no place on sales invoices. The invoice is denominated in the currency of the customer.

You can put a tag line in the Notes field. Or you can create a custom theme containing it.

It make sense for us, as we are freight forwarding (shipping company) so there is no qty in our business.
We quote our customer using email in dollars, but as our customers are in Pakistan so we have to show them Amount ($) and exchange rate. it is only possible if I will change just column name in pdf or email format.

Can you please guide me how can I do it?


When I am creating a custom field in sales invoice, In pdf it is showing at the footer side of invoice, can I change the position of it to header…

If you don’t enter quantities, the column will not appear. You can just enter unit price.

Manager cannot show exchange rates on sales invoices except in Notes or custom fields. And if you change column names, that does not change the content of the column, only the heading.

All the rest of your questions have to do with creating themes, done under Settings. Themes are written in Liquid templating language, which you can learn about on the web. If you don’t have the skills, hire someone locally who does.

But I warn you again: while you could change some column headings, that will not accomplish what you want.

Can you suggest someone who is an expert in designing manager’s invoice templates?
I am ready to pay.

You need to consult with in your local IT community

Anyone who designs web pages should be able to handle this.

which mean non to suggest on our side. D: