Sales invoice customization

Once upon a time there was an option in settings where I could change the title “Invoice” on a Sales invoice to “Bill”, I didn’t need HTML for it, but can’t find that option again. Has that been totally taken away for HTML control only or I am missing it?

@Abeiku. That option, which is under Sales Invoice Template remains for existing businesses where it was initially used. But @lubos has removed it for new businesses, with the idea of restricting all invoice format changes to the View Templates setting.

So no, you aren’t missing it. And you’re not crazy. :wink:

The problem with sales invoice template was that it was never-ending in terms of what options people have asked for to be included.

Renaming “Invoice” to “Bill” on view template is quite easy. Replace {{ strings.invoice }} on the 4th line with Bill.

Thank you all :slight_smile: