Sales Invoice - Custom Fields

Hi Everyone,

I have added a custom field (Serial Nos) to my sales invoices and would love a little info or advice please.

Firstly, is there any way that I can specify a specific width for the column as when I list multiple numbers, the Description column (located on the LHS of the Serial Nos column) shrinks and becomes extremely narrow.

My second question is to ask if there is any way that a search can be carried out for a Serial Number that is listed in this new custom field or alternatively, if I change my system and list serial numbers elsewhere on the invoice (possibly in the Description Column or in the Notes panel, can a search be done that way ?

As always, thanks so much for the great program and of course, for the ongoing support.



(Currently using: V 18.7.2)

possible by use of custom themes. read below for ideas.

if you have set the custom field to show as a column, you can use the Search function provided in the invoices list page.
also you may want to check the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field under the Reports tab.

For more information about what is searched when using the Search function, read this Guide: