Sales invoice 40% advance payment follow by 60%

How to advance payments on invoice.

Do you issue invoice and then receive 40% advance payment or do you receive funds before issuing an invoice?

I will issue invoice then receive 40% advance payment, follow by generate 60% balance to invoice remaining

OK, so when you receive money into your bank account. Go to Bank accounts tab to “receive money” and allocate the payment from customer to Accounts receivable account, then select the invoice you’ve been paid for.

how do i create the 40%/60% template? Do i need to clone the invoice?, cos i need to generate invoice the customer first 40% beforehand

You can create invoice for the full amount (no need to split into two invoices). In the notes you can specify how much you except to receive upfront before any work (or delivery) is done.

The proforma feature will suited great here. we also receive advance payments from our clients issuing proforma invoices (in exel at the time :frowning: )

Save to PDF got issues, document generated is blank.

This problem has been mentioned before in this Forum. For the time being, you can “print” as a PDF. Mac OS X includes this capability natively. Windows requires a PDF creation app, many of which you can download elsewhere for free. Don’t know about Ubuntu.