Sales account not appearing on Non Inventory


Just checking if there’s a bug. I’m not sure why I cannot assign my non inventoy item to the Sales account as I used to be able to do until today?

Please see screenshot of current - Sales account not appearing and a screenshot of previous non inventory items that I have created where I could put in the sales account under the Sold category.

Thank you!

Manager version number?
Manager type? Desktop, Own server, NG Software Cloud
Client operating system? Windows 10 64 bit, Mac OS version, other
Client Browser? Firefox, Safari etc

I’m on the Cloud - Browser Chrome and on Mac OS latest version Big Sur Version 11.2.3
Manager version 21.3.78

Thank you.

Please post a screen shot of the income portion of your chart of accounts from the Settings tab.

Works fine in version 21.3.80 on Desktop

Maybe a restart is required?

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This was definitely something that was fixed in either v21.3.79 or v21.3.80. You can restart your cloud server to force an update at

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Thank you it’s working now.